Hi there!

I'm Aaron Miler, a Senior Software Engineer based in Portland, Oregon

When I'm not behind the computer screen hacking away, you can find me at Timbers games, hiking the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, making cider, and pestering my dogs.


Full Stack Ruby on Rails Senior Software Engineer with 7+ years experience (6 years remote) who has consistently delivered user-friendly and performant enterprise-grade products. A self-starter and team-player who is always looking for the best way to solve problems without sacrificing code quality and time. Has designed and managed scalable software solutions on AWS including setting up high-availability, fail-safe procedures to prevent customer disruption and data loss. Experience creating B2B and B2C software solutions for K-12 Education and E-Commerce companies.

  • 7+ years experience designing, building, deploying, and managing Ruby on Rails applications
  • 4+ years experience building interactive frontends with asynchronous persistence using React, Slim, SCSS, and Webpack
  • Experience launching new products and adding features to existing products as both an implementation lead and as a dev team member
  • Implemented Ruby backend processes that import, validate, and transform structured markdown, Common Cartridge, and loosely structured JSON
  • Able to work autonomously to deliver quality results given high-level requirements in weekly standups
  • Deployed and managed scalable products to AWS using zero-downtime deploy patterns and disposable servers



An online curriculum management software platform called Lessoneer that is used by K-12 school districts to build, access, plan and share math, language arts, and science curricula. Lessoner leverages Ruby on Rails and React.


There are a number of freely available curricula that teachers use. While there many teacher-created supplemental resources available to support curricula, these resources are not available on the curriculum publishers’ websites. This is where Resourcify steps in. We built a content-aware Chrome Extension that makes supplemental resources accessible based on the current webpage URL. Resourcify was built using React and Gulp for the frontend connected to a lightning fast Ruby on Rails API.


Often in the education space, freely available curricula can be found in PDF format. However, these PDFs can be hundreds of pages long with the teacher needing to print, or digitally hand out only a few pages. While there are utilities for breaking up a PDF, we wanted one that was education focused and could have pre-loaded suggestions of which pages to split upon (e.g. pages 10-12 of 52 pages for "Module 2 Lesson 1 Homework" for a particular curriculum).

Utilizing PDFtk to manipulate PDFs, Splitr uses React, Ruby on Rails, and PDF.js to help teachers quickly find and split the pages within the documents that they need. Splitr also makes it easy to share the split documents to Google Classroom.


Allows teachers to easily share resources to Google Classroom (e.g. share a copy of a pdf with each student in a class). Classroomify is integrated into Lessoneer, but can also be leveraged as a standalone SaaS application.

Side Projects

Some things I've thrown together in my spare time

Supporter's Bar

Often in the Timbers' and MLS communities, someone (myself included) is looking for a place to watch the game away from home, with other fans. There are a few scattered data sets out there, Supporter's Bar is intended to be a one stop shop for finding a great place to watch the game.

Supporter's Bar was my first interaction using MapBox, Leaflet.js, and PostgreSQLs PostGIS. The combination of these tools allowed me to rapidly develop a system, that given the proper data could become the "Yelp" of finding a sports bar.


Maptribution is a simple app that allows users to plot locations on a map. The intention is that it could easily be used for small businesses to embed on their site, so that their customers have a "Where to find our product" widget. Maptribution was built with a real-time updating map, usng Ruby on Rails, MapBox, and React. It also handles billing and authentication through the Shopify API

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