How Running Affects My Development

Jun 21st, 2014

In the beginning of March, my girlfriend and I rescued an 11 month of Siberian Husky. We decided to name him Helo (after Battlestar of course) and he is quite the handful.

Helo the Husky My Husky, Helo

You see, Helo is just a constant ball of energy. We knew this going in, and so my plan was to start running with Helo every morning.

So after we got the dog, I started a new morning routine. Wake up at 6, grab the dog, and go out for a run. At first the running was a chore. I sometimes skipped it because I didn’t feel like it, or maybe I was just lazy. But now I can’t seem to bring myself to skip a day.

What I’ve realized, is that running is meditative for me. While I’m running, I’m not really thinking about anything. Work doesn’t exist, that bug I’ve been wrestling with doesn’t exist, the roadblock for that new feature is irrelevant, nothing is on my mind. I’m just running.

I’ve found that this is a great way for me to start the day. My run energizes me, and gives me a chance to clear my head.