As my proficiency in vim increases. I’ve started looking for little short cuts. At the office, I have two monitors, and do some front end development from time to time. The annoying thing about it, is ever since I’ve switched to vim, I find CMD+Tabbing out of the terminal exceedingly annoying.

Then, I happened upon Chrome CLI which allows you to send commands to chrome from the command line.

One of the commands that is particularly useful, is the Reload active tab command. Which is issued with chrome-cli reload

Another thing that I recently learned, is that you can issue commands to the terminal from Vim as well. All you have to do is prepend your command with a bang (!) and you can issue any command, such as !open . to open the current directory in the finder. Which I use quite frequently.

With these two factoids in my brain, I was able to create a line in my Vim RC file to reload the active chrome tab with a simple keystroke.

Now, when you enter in a shell command into Vim, it pops you out of vim, and waits for input to proceed. So what this command does is this.

" Reload the active chrome tab
:! chrome-cli reload
" Press Enter to execute
" Press Enter again to pop back into Vim

Here is what it looks like when it’s mapped to my leader shortcut

map <Leader>r :! chrome-cli reload<CR><CR>

This allows me to put Vim on one monitor, and chrome on the other. So I can just save, then hit <Leader>+r to reload the tab without leaving Vim.

I’m tempted to add a save before the reload in order to lessen the keystrokes even more, but I haven’t been annoyed enough quite yet.